A thought offered as determination or an opinion, a narrative for a conclusion or for an action, an explanation of a factual reality, the exact cause of an occurrence or a phenomenon, motive for an action, proof for an opinion , ground for an argument –all come in the purview of reason. It is this capacity for logical, rational, analytic thought and intelligence which distinguishes us from animals and makes us human.

We all use reason to perceive our imagination and expand our broad horizon of wisdom. ReasonPad is an attempt to offer you all the intellectual stimulation you need just at a click of your fingers.  A platform to satisfy your need for knowledge guided with reason. Since, knowledge has no boundaries and is an endless ocean and dealing with such an enormity of human desire, ReasonPad doesn’t believe in limiting to any boundaries.

Have you ever thought why knowledge grows? It’s because great thinkers have always believed to let their thoughts out of their mind and percolate amongst the human race. Is writing only permissible to great writers, authors and thinkers? We many feel that way and stop ourselves from expressing our thoughts and letting it out to ponder in other’s thought. Writing is not an expertise skill, it lies within us but we fear to sparkle it because of our wrong perceptions of mind that it only belongs to a privileged “few”.

Use ReasonPad as your writing slate to let go of this fear of writing and make it a forum of expressing yourself with reason in any compartment of knowledge that fascinates your interest. Those who have already acquired the taste of writing journal, articles, funny quotes, factual realities, biographic materials etc. and looking for a forum to let go your thoughts free, don’t hesitate to send your literary genius over to ReasonPad.

The power of web has transformed our lives and we no longer have to tire our physical self to get access to any form of knowledge either it be mere entertainment, serious literary work, factual reality, time pass , real life experiences and so forth. However, to have all of them in one fold is still a rarity and ReasonPad fills this niche and unite the bloggers with a reason.

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