By what I behold

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Your eyes are of diamonds 

You smile of pure gold” 

“My eyes are not diamonds 

But shine of your grace 

My smile is not gold but 

Reflection of your face” 

“I was just passing by 

Never had I thought 

 I’ll see someone like you 

What aura you’ve got” 

“I was writing a song 

When I heard your tread 

Now I feel like a poem 

After all that you’ve said” 

“No wonder you’re poetess 

You look like an art 

I’m merchant, a vagrant 

Soon have to depart” 

“Oh! You’re leaving but 

My song is half-way 

Can’t write when I’m sad 

I wish you could stay” 

“I would have if I could but 

My work needs me more 

You will stay in my mind 

Forever, I assure” 

“If you keep me in you 

Let the place be your heart 

You’re commerce you won’t know why 

I know ‘cause I’m art” 

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