As i think about you

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As I walk across the hallway
I wonder where I belong
In search for a home in you, a life
Which I have lost somewhere down the line
As I come out of the hallway
With mind full of misery, sadness andĀ  regrets

What was her fault?

She promised me life which I did not behold
I find myself wandering in darkness
Searching for a hope to find my lost again
The path is invisible
At a distance I stillĀ  see a shimmering light
Is that what I was looking for?
How can I not recognize this ray
which once made me who I am today
the more I get closer, the warmer it gets
Yes I can feel it. The feel of eternal love and joy
Can I touch it again with both my arms embracing without fear?
Or shall I feel it from a distance
with the hope of seeing it every day
in darkness
Staying invisible
not hurting any further.


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