The most controversial ads you may never see again

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Caution: Some of the images in this post are not appropriate for work

Description: ever one to be shy, this may be one of Tom Ford’s more benign advertising campaigns. It was, however, banned in Italy for its suggestively provocative and overtly vulgar imagery

Description: Colt 45 alcohol ad banned for its message

Description: Tomford perfume banned ad, for being obscene

Description: Eva Mendes’ new commercial for the Calvin Klein perfume “Secret Obsession” has been deemed so risque that U.S. television networks won’t air it.

Description: This ad was banned for being too sexist and demeaning

Description: This Kenwood ad got too many complaints by wives from all over, for belittling the role of a wife in the family.

Description: A cosmetic brand ad that was found too be too racy

Description: One of the most talked about Tomford perfume ad that was banned for being ridiculously cheap and demeaning.

Description: An ice cream advert that showed a priest and a nun in a “seductive pose” has been banned after official complaints were made against it.

Description: Sexually suggestive ads, which also portrayed women as mere sex objects.
Description: This handbag company, had to roll back the ad as it was rejected on the grounds on uncalled for nudity which had no connection with product
Description: This ad was banned, as it was considered too demeaning for plus size women
Description: A sexy ad for Saile and Sabga Champagne has been banned for linking alcohol with seduction and termed as too racy.
Description: Outrage by government ministers, women’s rights advocates and family groups has halted a French anti-smoking campaign that uses the metaphor of sexual abuse to try to persuade teenagers that smoking is an act of dependence.
Description: Only intended to be run only once (so therefore, never actually banned), this ad campaign from Patrick Cox proved to be quite controversial. Penetration would be impossible, however, due to the fact that both men (seemingly wrestling on the floor) are wearing jock-straps.
Description: Although obviously without any substantial nudity, this American Apparel ad was nonetheless banned in 2009. The reason: it depicts an apparently sexualized child (believed to be under the age of 16) who is progressively exposing more skin with each photo in an amateur-style photo shoot. The model was 22 at the time.
Description: This YSL advertisement exhibits a nude Sophie Dahl sprawled in quite the suggestive pose. It became the most complained about ad in A.S.A history and was banned from U.K. billboards.
Description: This adv received more than 50 complaints as well as criticism from women’s advocates who claimed it promoted gang rape and violence, according to the paper.
Description:’s ‘Who Are You Doing After the Game?’ ad

Thinking about cheating on your husband or wife? A new company wants to help you out:, a matchmaking service for people in the market for extramarital affairs.

But you won’t be seeing ads for it at the Super Bowl, as ads were reportedly banned from the Official NFL Super Bowl Game Program, according to reports that were confirmed by

Description: Kiss Tobacco – Israel – Banned as it contains “obscenity and resemblance to human beings”

Description: Energizer – Chile – Rejected by the client

Description: The Breast Cancer Fund – USA – Rejected by advertising spaces run by Viacom “over fears that its depiction of mastectomy scars would prove to be too shocking to the public.

Description: Smoking ad and an ironically suggestion. Still smoking is bad for the brain= “Blow in her face and she`ll follow you anywhere.”

Description: Auto Trader – The billboard advertisement, displaying the website address, showed two dogs peering from a muddy vehicle. A large caption read: WE’VE GOT RIDES FOR DIRTY BITCHES.

Description: Gay Ireland – This advert promoting Gay Ireland magazine drew a number of complaints (including death threats) when it appeared on billboards.

Description: A poster using a manipulated image of the burning World Trade Center twin towers in New York was not endorsed by the Hong Kong anti-smoking lobby, on the grounds of it being inappropriate, a Hong Kong newspaper reported on Friday. Hong Kong designers Michael Miller Yu and Eric Chan, who designed the anti-smoking poster, plan to enter it in international design competitions. Yu explained that “six thousand people died in the September 11 tragedy but more people die from smoking.”

Description: The Rules of Attraction (movie) – USA – Banned as “the copulating toys were considered offensive and obscene”

Description: Intended for adult audiences, the ad was banned for overtly alluding to sexual behavior – and group sexual behavior nonetheless.

Description: Russian Finance Magazine – RUSSIA – Banned for being “immoral”

Description: Gucci marks the spot with a G in their press campaign, model Carmen Kass* is pictured pulling down her knickers and showing off body hair shaved into the letter ‘G’.

Mario Testino shot the image he calls ‘Pubic Enemy’ and it’s displayed in Vogue’s February edition. Some people have called the image ‘vile, coarse and degrading to women’.

Description: Killer Heels by NMA – UK – Banned as it “trivialized and stylized violence”

Description: NO2ID – UK – Most Complained as “the barcode on Tony Blair’s upper lip made him resemble Hitler, which was offensive”

Description: Bacardi – Canada – Banned as it “objectified and demeaned women” (ASC)

Description: Offensive adv



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