Busting some exercise myths!

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Don’t fall prey to these fitness misconceptions, experts tell us…

Inspired by the numerous models flaunting their hot-bods in commercials on the small screen and by actors on the big screen, you finally decide to join your local gym. But before you step into the ‘fitness world’ there are a few workout misconceptions that you need to be aware of. Here’s busting some myths…

Exercising on empty stomach

According to fitness expert Nawaz Modi Singhania, one of the most common mistakes people make when they start to workout is by starting to exercise on an empty stomach. “Working out on an empty stomach could lead to fatigue, even before your body actually starts metabolising the fat,” she says. “But don’t exercise on a full stomach either.” The healthy thing to do is to not eat a heavy meal for at least an hour before you begin your workout. Instead have a light health snack. “A fruit or health biscuits are a good option,” she says.

Join a gym to get fit
This is another common misconception, point out health experts. Any form of activity that gives your body an overall workout including cycling, dancing, jogging or even swimming is just as good a way to get fit as joining a gym. As long as you get exercise in some form, being fit need not be synonymous with gymming.

Women bulk up like men if they do weights
“Regular workouts only make the muscles firm and taut. It’s a myth that women bulk up like men do,” clarifies clinical fitness specialist Namita Jain. “Unless a woman works towards achieving that look, it’s highly unlikely, that she will bulk up by default,” adds Namita.

Expecting miracles
The perfectly-sculpted bodies that you see on TV are not made over a day. It needs patience, dietary discipline and a lot of hard work. Fitness instructors who promise you otherwise in just a few weeks are exactly the ones you’d want to avoid.

Excessive sweating means you’re unfit
“Sweating is simply a mean to release the heat from the body to keep your body temperature normal. It just efficiently cools down your body and it’s perfectly normal,” say experts.

The more you exercise, the better it is
Yes, there is a thing as over-exercising, and it can cause injury. Your muscles need at least 24 hours to repair themselves. It’s important to rest your muscles too to avoid muscle fatigue.

Supplements are a must for fitness
Supplements cannot compensate for poor nutrition. “They can be an added, but never the main foods. Vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates work best for the body in their natural forms”.

Do not eat immediately after training
Post-workout nutrition is as important as what you eat before it. Include protein and carbohydrates in your diet and not just any one. Studies have shown that proper post workout nutrition increases protein synthesis, suppresses cortisol, replenishes glycogen, and enhances recovery.

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