Stars With Sex Tapes

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A dangerous mix of video technology and bad judgment has given rise to most stars’ worst nightmare: the celebrity sex tape.

From reality stars like Paris Hilton to supermodels like Carolyn Murphy to actresses like Rebecca Gayheart, compiled a list of the most beautiful women who have spent some X-rated time in front of their own cameras.

Such tapes are often released without consent of their subjects and can damage celebrities’ careers. In 1988 a sex tape aided the downfall of Rob Lowe‘s career. However, in recent years many celebrities have benefited from the publicity of the release of a sex tape

Carolyn Murphy

Supermodel Carolyn Murphy’s sex tape was filmed during her 1999 honeymoon in Barbados with then-husband Jake Schroeder. Check out more stunning photos of the supermodel here.

Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler’s sex tape was created before she hit it big, and the funny lady still jokes about it! See more of Chelsea at

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s sex tape with Rick Solomon employed the use of night vision to catch the action. The tape catapulted her from party girl obscurity into reality show superstardom. View more bikini photos of Paris at

Pam Anderson

The queen of celebrity sex tapes, Pamela Anderson has had more than one sex tape released with more than one rock star. See sexy bikini photos of Pamela here.

Nicole Narain

Nicole Narain appeared with Colin Farrell in a fourteen-minute sex tape that was quickly taken off the market. View more revealing snaps of Nicole here

Jenna Lewis

In 2004, a 42-minute sex tape of Survivor contestant Jenna Lewis and her husband Travis Wolfe surfaced. Scope out these shots of Jenna

Carrie Prejean

Former beauty queen Carrie Prejean apologized for her sex tape, saying it was the worst mistake of her life. Take a look at stunning bikini photos of Carrie in this gallery

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson shot her sex tape just a few months before her introduction to Hugh Hefner at a Playboy Mansion party. The rest is sex tape hsitory, as her video could be the most-watched ever. Take a look at these smokin’ photos of Kendra

Mindy McCready

Earlier this year, country star Mindy McCready’s sex tape with an ex named Peter was released. See more of Mindy at

Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane filmed a nude video of themselves with former beauty queen Kari Ann Peniche. Check out Rebecca in a bikini here

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian reportedly settled with Vivid Entertainment for $5 million over the release of her sex tape with then-boyfriend Ray J. Check out hot bikini photos of Kim here

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