Colors of India

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Colors of India 12

India stands for its incredible culture, spectacular forts & places, great traditions and rituals. This so called “country of snake charmers and magicians” boasts of a great civilization. Be it the people, lifestyle or the mystical charm- India has always amazed the world with her uniqueness. Colors of India,as the name suggests, is an attempt to highlight various aspects and achievements of India and its people.

Few of the photos shown here are a documentation of Holi, also called the Festival of Colors, a popular Hindu spring festival observed in India, Nepal,Bangladesh. During this holiday everyone is suppose to wear white and throw themselves in colored powder which dies their clothes, skin and anything it touches. Note to self : best vacation to take your kids on!

Colors of India

Colors of India 1

Colors of India 2

Colors of India 3

Colors of India 4

Colors of India 5

Colors of India 6

Colors of India 7

Colors of India 8

Colors of India 10

Colors of India 11

Colors of India 12

Colors of India 9

Colors of India 13

Colors of India 14

Colors of India 15

Colors of India 16

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17 Responses for “Colors of India”

  1. kami says:

    thats so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  2. Aditya Nayak says:

    Awesome collection! Simply Superb! It captures the true essence of India 🙂

  3. alex smith says:

    love you india……vande maaa taram….india is the only country where you will find people of all religion and thats why here you can find each and every type of color thats also show unities…..

  4. Sumit Lapalikar says:

    No matter how sad someone might be in life, there is something convincing about India to help you discover a charm in anything and everything. That’s my India.

  5. sangeetha says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  6. Prasoon Vashistha says:

    wow… Awsm colctn…. vry colorfull nd refreshn….

  7. Vandita says:

    this is the real india….. even though so much of it has been captured…. there is still a lot to discover…… vandemataram!!!

  8. sandeep says:

    UNITY IN DIVERSITY.that is mantra of my nation.

  9. Anon says:

    Where is the credit link for these photographs?

  10. Anshu says:

    Great pictures! May I request to use your first picture (lady hanging yellow, red clothes to dry) in a flyer (with due credit ) which talks about a Hindi class which is being offered by UCLA this summer for any current High School Students. This is a federally funded program to encouraging to teach Hindi to students who have one Hindi speaking parent.

    I will wait for your response.
    thank you
    Anshu Jain
    STARTALK Hindi Instructor

  11. Jana says:

    Most of the photos I recognized on these particular page are originals from Steve Mccurry, one of the best and well known photographer in the world.

  12. myindiatrip says:

    just amazing……..

  13. lieverd! says:

    wow,i’ts verrry coooooooooool!

  14. meena says:

    India is sssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. namastu says:

    Wow Awesome Amazing fantastic Thanks for sharing..

  16. Yolanthe says:

    Who took these pics? I don’t see any credits? Would like to post them on Pinterest but can’t do this without giving credit to the photographer(s)

  17. Rency says:

    I am an artist painter…originally from india -now residing in USA. would like to know who took the photo of the one with “train and tajmahal in the background” .
    I would like to get the permission from the photographer to use it as a reference for painting.


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